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I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives... for years I had wanted to swim with dolphins but it never came to fruition until one day while receiving a breathwork session I heard a voice for the first time ever that was so clear and strong I couldn't ignore it. It said "it is time to go home". I had lived in Hawaii, on Oahu, throughout my 20's and it was the place that felt like home to my soul. I knew I was to return. I packed my bags, left my job, and in a month was back in Hawaii. As the saying goes..."be careful what you ask for". Moving to Hawaii was anything but smooth and easy and at the same time it was one of most extraordinary times in my life. I  ended up going to the Big Island of Hawaii to visit a friend and swimming with wild dolphins. This is where my life took at turn. Swimming with these dolphins was and still is the most amazing, love filled and joy filled experience I have had thus far. For months I would rise in the morning and swim out into the turquoise ocean and most often be blessed by a pod of wild dolphins.

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I have suffered from panic attacks since the age of 16. Only my closest friends and family knew my struggles. I was a master of hiding them and keeping a smiling face but inside I was falling apart. I had tried almost everything including but not limited to counseling, medications, hypnosis etc. I thought that this was something that I was destined to suffer through until I met Ellen. I can honestly say that being a client with Ellen was the only thing that helped me work through years of panic and finally become free. Between her counseling sessions, channeling sessions, and EFT sessions, I found the tools that I needed to help me heal. She is not only an amazing human being, but she is also an amazing practitioner. She has been gifted with a healing presence like no other. I am extremely blessed to have found Ellen to help me and I give her my highest recommendation.


I would best describe the blessing that is to work with Ellen to be like when one is out at sea and then finds the safest harbor they can ever happen upon in this lifetime. Life to me, is like the sea, sometimes beautiful and gentle, sometimes slightly choppy and other times as stormy as can be and you feel as though you are in the middle of an inner "perfect storm" ready to fall apart. Ellen has patiently, lovingly, and wisely helped to Guide me and provided LIGHT instruction and gentle reminders on how to find and reconnect with my own TRUE NORTH, empowering me, helping me heal, and providing Divine Guidance. If you are looking for a safe harbor to support you in your journey/adventure, I HIGHLY recommend working along with Ellen.

AF - Wellness Coach

Working with Ellen positively and immeasurably changed my life. Through her guidance, I learned to trust my intuition. I am more connected to the Universe and have a deeper sense of knowing what is right. Plus, she is a magical and wonderful person. Just her presence makes me feel more at peace.

JHR - President, Communications Firm

I have been working with Ellen and her spiritual guides mostly focusing on healing traumas, transforming limiting beliefs, and truly evolving my energetic frequency to a higher and more peaceful vibration. There are dimensions to your being that once you access, you unlock an infinite number of spiritual resources available to utilize in your physical life. These resources are part of your Divine being. Ellen along with her team of Spiritual guides, are unwaveringly committed to reuniting you with this aspect of your being. Once you are reconnected to your Divine nature, which Ellen is capable of facilitating through the use of her wide range of healing modalities, you then inhabit your body with a complete sense of wholeness. She is able to draw from her guides in the moment, exactly what is needed to support your growth and to nourish that Divine seed that is within you. Her utilization of a wide range of healing modalities provide actual opportunities for irreversible transformation. Every session Ellen meets you with her radiant joy and loving compassion, and you feel uplifted just by entering into her space. Each session is unique and you never expect what comes forth. But when it does, and it becomes integrated into your being, you then realize it is exactly what you needed. Living your life feeling like you are truly enough, filled with the knowing that you have all that you will ever need already within yourself, is extraordinarily liberating and in my experience, much thanks to Ellen is where true peace and freedom await. 
Bless her and her team a million times over!!!!

JBS - Master Artist

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