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     My background is that of being a long distance triathlete, completing many marathons as well as the World Championship Hawaiian Ironman. I grew up as a competitive swimmer so when I couldn't keep my eyes open, from being so tired, after just 15 or 20 minutes of swimming with the dolphins, I was concerned but I also felt wonderful. Swimming with dolphins is extraordinary and joyful, and the love that emanates from them is nothing like anything I had ever experienced.

     After several weeks of swimming with them, and then literally unable to keep my eyes open during the day, I went into what I would call a meditative state for about 3 months where I couldn't listen to music or be around people. I believe that between the high frequency of the ocean, because of the dolphins presence, and the dolphins themselves, my energy body was opened to receive information from what are now my guides and who call themselves the Global Joy Team. I began by channeling artwork and I continue to channel all the artwork and glasswork that I create. I am the hands for the design that the guides wish to create, always to bring a higher vibration into the environment it is placed.

     It was during this meditative period that the Global Joy Team began to channel specific "healing" mandalas which are called "Awakening Images". The extraordinary thing about these drawings is that I never erased 1 mark and each drawing is 18" x 24" in colored pencils. I also can't draw a straight line or draw realistically so they would have me place dots on the page and then have me connect the dots to create a shape, or they would tell me to go someplace where they would have me purchase something they wanted me to trace. It was both exciting and overwhelming as once you have an experience like that it is impossible, at least in my experience, to go back to my old way of living.

      It was not for another 10 years that the guides began channeling through me to work with clients and also assisting me in my own healing journey. I was deeply depressed for the first 20 years of my life and had many struggles both physically and emotionally. When the guides began working with me, the healing became exponentially quicker. I channel all sessions because I feel that the value that someone recieves is much greater because of the information and guidance which is added that I would otherwise be unaware of to assist someone in whatever they were wanting to achieve for themselves.

    I once had a therapist who I believed saved my life by his kindness and ability to see me as my magnificence and it is why I went into social work so that I could hopefully give to others in this way. I have also made a commitment to share whatever I have learned in terms of healing, with others who want to heal and be free. It is my experience that everyone has the knowledge they seek deep within them, and simply need the right guidance to find the answers that are within.

Please contact me if you are wanting to create a life you love.

In Gratitude, Ellen

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World Championship Ironman Finisher
Masters in Social Work, LICSW
Hospice Social Worker
Community College Adjunct Professor
Level 3, EFT Practitioner
Certified Aura-Soma Color Teacher
Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor
Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Instructor
Certified Kripalu Massage Therapist
Author - "Color is Good Medicine" 
Contributing Author - "Simply Color for Everyday Living"
Developed & Implemented Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Stress Management programs in hospitals and medical centers.
Developed & Implemented a 2 week
healing retreats for cancer patients.
Developed and taught many classes on living a life aligned with one's magnificence and developing and using tools for oneself and to share with clients.
Mentored and coached healing professionals for over 15 years.
Speaker on Stress Management for schools, hospitals,
businesses & medical centers.
Many varied mind/body and energy psychology trainings.
Most importantly healing my own inner stories so that I enjoy my life more and more fully all the time!