Got Questions? I’m Here to Help.
If you have other questions please contact me.

Can you do sessions remotely?

Yes, I see clients remotely through Zoom and also in person at my Marblehead office. When scheduling your session, let me know which you prefer.

What can I expect my session to be like?

Each session is designed to be of the greatest support possible through the combination of your intentions and the directed channeling. Each session is different and personalized for who you are and what you are looking to accomplish or receive.

How long does each session take?

Usually the sessions are between 50 minutes to 90 minutes

How do I schedule a session?

E-mail me at LivingSupernaturally55@gmail.com and we can coordinate a time that works for you.

How do I pay for sessions?

Sessions are paid after scheduling and prior to the actual session through Venmo (Ellen-Epstein-8) or through PayPal (AwakeningImages@aol.com).

How are "channeling" sessions different from counseling, coaching or mentoring sessions.

The channeling adds a unique dimension which is that I am given guidance and information that I ordinarily wouldn't know or wouldn't think of using. I have a Masters in Social Work and am trained as a Licensed Social Worker and with channeling  I am able to be of much greater service.

What does "channeling" mean?

 What channeling means to me is that I am working with guides, who exist on a higher frequency and whose intention it is to uplift conscious for humanity and are here to help individuals to know their MAGNIFICENCE and to assist them in living fulfilling and Joy filled lives. I have been blessed that they speak to me and through me to be of service in this way.

Who do you "channel" and what is "channeling" like during a session?

I channel Ascended Masters who call themselves the Global Joy Team. These are highly evolved Beings who exist on a spiritual dimension and assist individuals to experience more Love, Peace, Joy, Unity, Prosperity, Freedom ect. During a session I am fully conscious and aware and it often doesn't seem much different from when I speak with someone while not channeling. The difference is that when I channel the language is often different than I would use and there is information and guidance I receive to assist in the session. When I channel, it is like being with a good friend where you can ask questions, relax and soak in the positive energy.

What are your qualifications to work with trauma and deep emotional wounds.

Although I have been trained as a Licensed Social Worker I no longer work with anyone who is suicidal, psychotic, or is on high doses of psych meds.